Work It! Wednesdays (I'm late!)

I guess you probably expect this whole "I'm never on time" thing with my "scheduled" blog posts. I'm terrible but in my defense my internet was down yesterday so I was disconnected from this little world. Anyway, apologies for awesome punctuality skills but I still wanted to get a health post in this week!

I've mentioned before that I love running. It is, hands down, the best therapy out there. I'm not saying its easy, it is actually really hard to get into if you are not a runner yet. When I started running I never expected that I would ever enjoy it. It was like slow, painful, hot, sweaty self-inflicted torture. Actually, sometimes it still feels like that but now I know that pushing through the pain and the voice in your head saying "its okay, 3 miles is good enough for today" is worth it. Are any of you runners out there? What do you love about it?

Running has so many health benefits to offer you. Its the best workout for your heart, that thing inside that keeps you alive day in and day out despite how you treat it? Help your little ticker out and give it some exercise to make it stronger! Running also helps improve: bone density, immune system, energy levels, mental alertness, weight loss/control, better sleep, lung function, muscle tone, confidence and lowers your chances of anxiety, depression, obesity, diabetes, and more! Don't believe me? Click here, here, here or here to see for yourself!

Still not sold? Give it a try for two weeks and see for yourself. There is such satisfaction in the feeling of a strong, rhythmic stride. Get lost in your mind and your surroundings. Set a goal to give you something to work towards and accomplish. Mine? I will be running my first half-marathon here in Paris in October! We can keep each other encouraged as we go!

Other benefits of working out? Buying cute workout clothes and inspiring music! I love me some Lululemon.

Bon Courage!!


  1. Running is my therapy :) Miss our beach runs!

  2. Halfie in Francie?! That is awesome! Go you! Maybe I'll be there to cheer you on... I still remember when I went running with you once (it had been the first time in months for me). I started out fast but man oh man, you kept it going and gradually I fell back. You are a speed demon and an inspiration to me :)


Merci Beaucoup!