"we don't mean to be rude..."

"...but we're French!"

Ratatouille was spot on with that quote.

{Disclaimer: not all the French are bad. Loads of them are awesome people.}

But Parisians are a special breed. One of a kind. I really don't think you could find people like them anywhere else. Its like a rare animal - an unhappy rare animal.

My friend Danielle and I were laughing the other day about all the random people we see crying, pouting, and glaring on the metro or on the streets. We never really know why they are so upset but if you want to stick out like a tourist all you have to do is put on your best smile and most likely we will know, you are not Parisian.

I got a perfect example for you today as to why the French can be so infuriating to deal with.

I am moving out of my apartment at the end of the month and I e-mail my landlady to ask...

me: our contract says that there is a cleaning fee of 15 euros/hour. can you tell me how many hours it usually takes?
landlady: well, it depends on the amount of dirt in the apartment
me: okay, can you give me an estimate based on your past tenants?
landlady: it depends between 4 and 16 hours

WOW! Thank you for that extremely informative answer! And by the way I live in about 100 square feet or less.


  1. I have never been to France but I am itching to go. I keep stumbling upon blogs that have pictures or talk about it so it is making me want to go!


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  2. That is hilarious!! My good friend Laura has a friend who lives in the south of France. She hired a contractor to come build a fence. He agreed- that was like 4 years ago.


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