When in Rome...

I fell in absolute love with Rome. It was just astonishing and such a wonderful weekend with my family! We were so spoiled in our rooms at the Eden Hotel right by the Spanish Steps where we would end every night. In three days, we saw so many things and more history than I could wrap my mind around. All the ruins are unbelievable. Obviously, all of Europe has a rich history and beautiful old buildings but no other country can compare their history with the Roman history.

Rome is literally a city built on top of an ancient city. It is an archeologist's dream! We traveled to the lovely city of Tivoli one day and saw a beautiful mansion with the most eye catching fountains that are completely powered by gravity and the force of the water - no electricity! We stood in a room where half the floor was changed into a glass floor so you could see the ancient ruins they have found right underneath the floor of this mansion. It is crazy!

We enjoyed our family time together eating pizza, bruschetta, cafe and of course gelato! It felt so great to be in a HOT city..I could rock my usual Cali clothes: shorts and a tank! I felt at home. I would love to go back to Rome again and if you have not been there yet, please do me a favor and put it on your list! You could never regret a trip to Rome!


Saint Peter's Basilica, Vatican City


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