Internship: Week 1

Holy Cheezussss! I am SO tired! I had my first week at my "stage"/internship and I feel like I have been running a marathon each day! Most important thing, I love it! I really enjoy it and am so happy that it turned out that way.

Secondly, working in a kitchen is definitely the most intense job I have ever had. These chef's don't tolerate casualness, slow work, idleness...you better know your shit or they are going to ruin you. The very first hour I was there I was already making apricot and peach tarts and was pretty much expected to fall right into line. It's great because I would much rather be thrown into the fire than stuck folding boxes or doing dishes but its pretty overwhelming. I get home from work (after waking up at 5 am!) and feel like I've been taking the SAT for 8 hours, while standing and speaking a different language. I went all "I'm 80 years old" the night after my first day and fell asleep at the ripe old hour of 8 pm. Whhaaat?

Phew! Anyway, I am lucky that I negotiated this weekend off since my brother is here visiting (otherwise I would be at work the next two days at 6 am). I am really excited to hang with him and his friends before he heads back to Cali. He should be here within the hour! I hope you all have an amazing weekend! Sending out lots of love from Paris!


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  1. Love that picture of you. Go show those French people what pastries your 3 kilo dumbbells can produce!


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