Happy Thanksgiving from Paris!

This is my first Thanksgiving away from home and probably the only one where I will be able to celebrate with foie gras, French wine, fish and pavlova while teaching my friend from South Africa how to draw her very first "hand" turkey. She needs to know these important life lessons.

I definitely am missing my friends and family back home. Especially when I Facetime with them and they are all together and knowing that even Mike gets to see my family and they get to see his family at the Turkey Trot this morning. It's great to know they are all together but there is a little bit of sadness being away from it.

SO, how do you cope with such a thing? Well, you hop a plane to Madrid to see your best friend. Problemo solved! I need to start packing because I leave tomorrow after work and I am SO insanely excited. I get to see two of my best friends and be a part of this awesome life they have built living in Madrid. I'm also pretty excited just to be in Spain again. (I studied abroad in Barcelona in 2008 and haven't been back til NOW!)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my wonderful American friends and family. I hope you enjoy the day and count your blessing no matter what part of the world you might find yourself in.


  1. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and an amazing time in Madrid!

  2. so sorry you were away for Thanksgiving but you're right, the next best thing is your bff! ha. Man I love following your blog and seeing pictures. I've always wanted to travel so bad and since I can't (right now...) the next best thing is following someone who can! ha.

  3. Escaping to Madrid was definitely a fantastic way to beat the Turkey Day blues!

  4. I just found your blog and spent an hour reading old posts. Ummm so great! I'm living in France (to the east of you), and the idea of opening a french café in the states has been occupying all of my free mental space, so it's so fun to see you well on your way to doing it! Joyeux late thanksgiving!


Merci Beaucoup!