Welcome to Butter & Love! I'm so glad to see you!

I'm Brittany and this blog is all about following your dreams and living the life you have imagined for yourself. I am a 20 something who was living in beautiful San Diego and loving life except the fact that my job got me down everyday. I spent most of my time day dreaming of the bakery I want to open one day.


Then, I got tired of dreaming and decided to spend my time actually working towards that dream. I picked up my life and moved to Paris, France to study French pastry. 

So here I am. Living in Paris, finished with pastry school. I am working in a beautiful French patisserie SĂ©bastien Gaudard and trying to find my way. 

Indulging in all things French and Parisian. Most dinners consist of a crusty french baguette tradition, comtĂ© and vin. Lets be honest, usually something sweet too. This city never ceases to amaze me and I couldn't be more grateful for my life here. 

I'm finally chasing my dreams, reaching my goals and most importantly, following through on all those times I have told my friends "you have nothing to lose, just go for it!"

Thanks for popping in! I hope you get inspired, a laugh or just leave feeling hungry for some desserts.

Bon Appetit!