Ooh La La

I mean that in the most French way possible. Think "ughhhh" not "ooooh".

It has been a crazy, long week for me. Remember how I told you I was moving this month? Well lets just say a one day event turned into four days of being apartment-less, stressed and exhausted. More on this later but for now, I'm happy to report I am in my lovely new little apartment and connected to the internet once again. It feels nice! Photos and details to follow! :)

For now lets go and visit the charming and impressive Château de Versailles!

What a wonderland! The Château de Versailles is nothing less than grand, magnificent, vast and beautiful. I could thoroughly enjoying living in a mansion like that, anyone else?

I got to spend the day touring around with my family in June. We wandered the halls and the gardens while I silently dreamed of being a princess. The Château is massive and intricate and after watching "Marie Antoinette" I was really interested in learning about what happened in each of the extravagant rooms. It was overwhelming crowded but I enjoyed it all the same.

There is no doubt that the greatest part is the gardens. They are so gorgeous especially when the music is playing and the fountains are flowing. I could have stayed in the garden all day and been perfectly content and relaxed.

If you want to know more about the Château de Versailles you should definitely watch "Marie Antoinette". The movie was actually filmed at the Château so you can see it in all its glory! Plus the movie is just an enjoyable one.

Ahh, the life of royalty! How sweet it would be!

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  1. WOW. The Chateau looks amazing. More and more I'm starting to fall in love with gardens.. it could have something to do with your pictures!


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