Home Sweet Home

Hi guys! Just a quick post to let you know that I am safely back in America.

Trying to adjust to driving a car, the terribly dressed population, the extra large size of everything around me and jet lag.

Its been 24 hours and so far its been okay. Its sooo wonderful to see everyone but I feel a bit of sadness knowing how very far away Paris is from me now.

Report back when I get more settled! Have a great weekend! xo.


moving is making me unstable

4 days and I will be walking through LAX to meet my family, Mike, little Tay and Manda. I can't believe it. I've said it before, but its true.

The past week has been crazy. This move has got me feeling like an unstable person. There are all kinds of emotions going on in my life.

view from Pere Lachaise cemetery

In a given day I feel...

HAPPY to go home and see my friends and family
SAD to leave the friends I've made here

HAPPY to be back to the comforts of home
SAD to leave my little Parisian flat

HAPPY to have had this amazing experience
SAD that it is over

HAPPY to start a new future
SAD that the economy is trying to ruin my life and keep me unemployed forever

HAPPY to know that in-n-out in waiting for me
SAD that i won't be able to have pain chocolat and crepes anytime i want

Its a roller coaster to say the least. I'm trying my best to stay calm and reasonable. Any tips on how not to lose it?

And I can't leave this post without wishing a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my amazing father! He is a great reason to be excited to come home. I can't wait to see you Dad! Joyeux Anniversaire!


I love Kouign Amann

Paris has a delightful array of pastry to try. The chefs are constantly competing with each other to come up with the best croissant or the best new surprising cake. Things can get pretty "innovative" and sometimes it adds up to a disappointment but when you find a pastry chef that does a classic perfectly...well, its lovely.

Kouign Amann has been popping up around the city this winter, probably because its heavy, warm and full of delicious, comforting salted butter. I remember trying one when I first arrived in Paris (not knowing what it was or what to expect) and I didn't really enjoy it. Clearly, I did not know pastry at all then! Because this pastry is so wonderful I just can't live the rest of my life without it. And I think I love them event more because they are a regional pastry from Brenton (aka: Brittany).

Thank goodness for David Lebovitz coming through with a working recipe for me to try when I get home. I take back what I said before, David.

I bought myself some individual kouign amann yesterday so I could treat myself for breakfast today and clearly enjoyed it too much to take a photo for you all. So here are photos from the shop where I bought them. I don't really recommend the shop for his chocolate or anything else (even though he is an MOF) but if you are in the city looking for a treat, stop in and pick up some kouign amann. I recommend the salted caramel. You'll die a little and go to butter heaven. *Heat these babies up in the oven for a few minutes before you eat them and it will be even more amazing.

You're welcome.

Georges Larnicol, MOF
132 Blvd. St. Germain 75006
33 1 43 26 39 38

*he has many boutiques throughout Paris, this is just one location.


The list: America.

So, a week from tomorrow I will be boarding my flight to LAX. Weird.

I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed with mixed emotions. Of course I'm excited to be home for the holidays and see my friends and family that I have missed so much but ...how do you leave Paris? I haven't figured it out yet.

So, in the spirit of trying to get myself fired up for life back in America. Here is the other part of the list.

Things I am excited for in America.

In-n-Out (its already been established we are going here on the way home from the airport)

Target and being able to get everything I need in one place..instead of ten.

Fish tacos...all mexican food for that matter.

Warmth! Its still 70 and sunny back home. Since I've been living in about 35 degrees everyday I am pretty sure I am going to pass out from heat stroke.

Being able to communicate without a problem. No more charades necessary.

Customer service

A gym membership

The ocean and my rainbow sandals

Pampering..I already have a brow, facial and mani/pedi appointment scheduled.

Visiting San Diego

The possibility of the future

Vacation in Mexico with my family

The new life adventure in Colorado

And of course catching up with everyone from home and spending every minute with this little girl


The List: Paris.

Judge me if you want but I love making lists. They keep me organized and I love being able to cross things off them.

So, naturally I made a list of things I am going to miss about Paris and things I will be happy never to experience again and also what I am most excited for back in the good old USA.

Wanna know?? Here is the Paris List.

Things I will NOT miss about Paris:

The smell of PEE. everywhere.

Being confused 90% of the time. Ooh la la, French.

Freezing. All the time.

Being stared at for no reason.

The Parisians. They are a depressed, angry group of people. Just Parisians. Other French people are awesome.

Paying 6 euros for the world's worst cup of coffee.

French banks.

Being worried about people trying to steal my things all the time!

Everything being so small. It's like living in a miniature world.

My laundry taking 2 and a half hours for a normal cycle and then taking two days to hand dry. wtf France..really??

That's not sooo bad..right? Now for the positive!

Things I will miss most about Paris:

The FOOD! Bread, cheese, butter, pastries, wine, paté...all these things will never be the same for me. Ever. I will miss it dearly. This move might be good for my waistline though.

The buildings and architecture. This city is beautiful. Gorgeous. Romantic. Just an average building on any given street can be breathtaking. I will miss walking around and admiring the city and the feel of Paris.

The Seine. I love this river. I will miss running along it and having picnics with friends. I will miss taking photos of it every time I cross it. Its lovely.

The BIG city. I never thought I would love living in a city (Paris is the first city I've ever lived in) but turns out that I love it! It feels good to get out of the city from time to time but I really enjoy the energy and the endless amount of places to explore. You could live here your whole life and never know Paris completely.

The restaurant and culinary scene. The French take their food very seriously. Everything is FRESH and well prepared. The chefs are educated and truly love what they do. I will miss exploring new wine bars, restaurants and pastry shops whenever I want to. I will miss the big outdoor markets that are selling really fresh and wholesome produce. I love feeling like I am part of an industry scene here.

The Eiffel. No denying it. I love eiffel. Its beautiful and breathtaking from all angles. I will miss being able to see it whenever I want to and sometimes when I'm not even trying to.

The ability to travel. Its Europe's best perk.

The street food. Crepes, falafel, sandwiches...yum.

The inspiration that Paris gives to its people. I hope this feeling stays with me. I feel like anything is possible and I have Paris to thank for that.

Paris, je taime.


An afternoon in Versailles

Today is the first day of the end of Paris. Last night I celebrated the end of my internship at Sébastien Gaudard's Patisserie des Martyrs. I can't believe it's over.

Naturally, this has got me reminiscing about the past year and everything I have done and experienced. The incredible people I have met and grown to call friends. I feel SO lucky to have gained this experience and these beautiful memories that I will have the rest of my life.

Of course there are things I might have done a little differently. Especially, I would have learned French BEFORE coming here! But I wouldn't change my experience. Paris will always be mine. It will stay with me forever. Just as Hemingway said...

While looking back on the year I found these photos that made my heart smile. The beautiful weather of Spring in Paris and a great afternoon with friends making a fun meal in Versailles.

As you (may or may not) know, our pastry group comes from all around the world. We made an international lunch and it was delicious! We had French, Brazilian, Vietnamese, American..all kinds of delicious things! 

I will miss times like this and I hope to keep in touch with these wonderful people I have met here and grown to consider my "Paris Family". Unfortunately, the time has come to go our separate ways but I will cherish these memories. C'est la vie. 


How far we've come

Hi friends! Please forgive my lack of posting here in the coming weeks. I am in the process of getting ready to move my life back across the world to the US! Only two more weeks left in Paris. 

It is really crazy that we are already here. We've come full circle. 

The best thing about it is, I get to have hot cocoa all the time and nobody can judge me. French hot cocoa is the best you will ever have. So thick is coats your spoons. Basically melted chocolate bars.

A health food, obviously.


Thankful Thoughts Vol. 5: Friends

Before I get started I have to admit to you that I am writing this while I am sitting on the ground in my apartment literally right next to my heater. I can't move from this spot or I will turn into a frozen person and perish. Oh, Paris.

So, moving abroad has made me think long and hard about a lot of things in my life and about the world the live in. Friendship has been one of the biggest. Moving away from all your friends will really show you who is true and who maybe is not. Not that these people are bad but the truth is that people grow apart and even though its awful to drift, that relationship will be a part of you in some way for the rest of your life.

I am thankful to have such incredible friends and even more thankful that I only have a few BEST ones. Those girls that I know, without a doubt, will be there with me forever. I might not have seen a lot of them for almost a year but I love them so much and am so blessed to have friendships that can stand the distance. We make each other laugh for days, listen to each other's silly problems and really stand by each other when things get tough. We accept each other's weird habits and stupid moments and don't really question it because we understand. Together, we can conquer the world.

I can't wait to see them all in just a few short weeks.

Manda and I are counting down until she can tackle me at the airport...I'm preparing myself.

Brit and I are anxiously awaiting a long overdue sleepover.

Megan and I have a full calendar of events coming up next year...can we do it all?!

Erin and I will be enjoying our American delicacies together and thinking of our homes in Europe.

Nicole and I have so much to catch up on. I can't wait for our date!

I can't wait to see these girls and all my other lovely friends. A year brings a lot of changes: new jobs, new homes, new engagements, travels! We have a lot to catch up on.

Now I just have to convince Ashley to come to Cali!

Thank you girls for being my soul mates and making my life full of fun, excitement, silliness and love and sharing such amazing memories with me. I love you!!!