It's America!

Of course, I couldn't let this day pass without a post on how much I love my country. Obviously, I live in France and I love it here too but America (mainly, California) will always have my heart and be my true home. When you really take a moment to think about it (you Americans), we are so blessed to call such an incredible place home. We have freedoms and opportunities that not everyone gets to have. We can achieve dreams, you can be anything or anyone you want to be, we are accepting of all cultures and people because thats who we are! Of course, we aren't perfect but I would not want to call any other place my home. I hope you all have a happy and safe 4th of July (if you are celebrating!) and remember all the people who have and continued to risk and sacrifice their lives to secure our freedoms. Thank you to our troops and their families.

Now, go have a juicy burger and a few beers for me! Here is one of my favorite songs about America. Have a listen, why don't you? (disclaimer: it is country music, so if you are a hater....well, you've been warned).

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  1. We're pretty spoiled in California.. it's bitter sweet leaving here!


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