i hate chocolate

Thats a lie. I love chocolate...eating chocolate.  I hate molding and tempering chocolate. Holy nightmares!

So here is the thing, tempering chocolate is now an easy-peasy thing that everyone uses machines to do. They put some giant blocks of chocolate into a machine and it spits out perfectly crystalized and tempered chocolate like magic. Think we got to use a machine? Hecks NO.

Lets take it back to pre-historic times when people used to do this thing called "tabling". I'll spare you the details of the "why" but all you need to know is it is probably the most frustrating, time consuming and ridiculous thing ever.

We spent three weeks working with chocolate and molding sculptures. It was a pretty infuriating few weeks but after coming out on the other side, I can say that I will never forget how to temper chocolate and my sculpture wasn't as hideous and I was prepared for it to be.

Even so, I'm glad chocolate week is behind me!

Also, I had to bleach my apron for literally two weeks to get this stain out. Clearly, I am a natural with this business!

 chocolate egg with marzipan roses
chocolate rose garden
roses and lace
in progress
C'est Fini!! 


  1. How beautiful! I so miss my favourite bakery in Tours :(

  2. Those eggs are so beautiful!
    You are so talented!


  3. That is so gorgeous and yummy looking! I've seen tabling done in movies, and it always seemed messy and difficult. Congrats! :)

  4. Wow, these are gorgeous! I couldn't bring myself to eat these, I'd just stare at them :)

    Michelle's Treasure Chest

  5. HOLY CHOCOLATE. You are a natural! Those creations are beautiful and it looks like there's real leaves on your chocolate haha. Question: which tabling would you rather do..?

  6. Wow these are so beautiful! I'd almost be to afraid to indulge, but then I'd remind myself it's chocolate and everything will be okay!

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Merci Beaucoup!