my other hobby

I talk a lot about food around here. I mean, I live in the pastry and culinary capital of the world, what can you expect? The truth is, I actually have another favorite thing to do besides creating delicious little works of art - working out. 

Freshman year of college, I was definitely not bringing sexy back. I suffered that horrible "freshman 15" that a lot of you are probably familiar with. Its pretty evil but at the time, I was having so much fun it didn't even matter. I loved college, I had the time of my life there! But it also made me a pretty unhealthy person. I was not working out even though I lived 50 feet from the school gym, eating the terrible-for-you dorm food and partying it up! It took until my junior year until I started getting active and eating the right foods again. Once, I started up again I couldn't and haven't stopped.

I became a bit of a gym rat, then started to run outdoors, realized how amazing fruits and vegetables taste and realized it is really not difficult to be a healthy person. It is SO important to make the right decisions for your body. It is the only body you've got so you best be treating it right if you expect it to carry you through those 100 years you want to live.

Moving to Paris, I was really worried about gaining weight and my workouts since I don't belong to a gym here (they are so dang expensive!). It has been more challenging to maintain decent workouts here than at home but I've learned that it is possible to get a great workout without hitting the gym. I definitely miss getting my butt kicked by my favorite gym instructor (Gale, I miss you!) but I think she would be proud that I've kept it up with my lovely little 3 kilo (7lbs) weights in my apartment. Don't judge, 3 kilos is the heaviest ones the sport store sold!! The French don't really...you know...work out.

From now on, I will be posting tips on working out, being active, eating healthy and all that good stuff on Wednesdays. Mid week is always a struggle so hopefully this will inspire you to keep it going on the toughest day of the week! Are you with me?! :)


  1. I am so excited for these posts!!! :D

  2. Oh my gosh, 3 kilos?! Hahaha. You body builder you!


Merci Beaucoup!