Thats how you  pronounce the name of these lovely little things - Palmiers.  I'm sure you have seen and/or eaten one of these in your life. They are just too cute shaped in a heart. But..uhh...before they get to baking in the oven they don't look so..."cute".

Hey now, I warned you. 

Palmiers are really pretty simple to make. It is puff pastry rolled in sugar and the sugar caramelizes in the oven for that crispy, sticky goodness. I already told you how much I love puff pastry so of course I had to take an entire box full of these babies home with me and later discovered that palmier + jam = heaven. Serious. So good. Would you all like the recipe for these? They are simple enough to conquer in your home kitchen. Yes?

PS- don't judge the hat. 

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