Pastry School Homework

It's really a hard job.
But someone's got to do it.

4 month long homework assignment: find a patisserie that you want to intern at.
aka: go eat as many pastries as possible and justify it by calling it "research"

The amount of patisserie's in Paris make the amount of Starbuck's back home look small. They are on every corner, basically every other shop. Like I said before, this culture is centered around food and desserts. Be jealous. :)

One of the best pastry shops in the world is Dalloyau. My chef (pastry school teacher), the other class chef and my art teacher (who is an MOF...remember what that is???) have all worked at this shop. My crazy teacher worked there for 12 years before coming to teach at my school. I am lucky enough to walk by this shop every single day on my way to and from school and I can't help but linger in the window sometimes because it is so beautiful. This is an option (of many!) for an internship...decisions, decisions.

My mom and I both picked a chocolate cake (surprise, surprise) and they were both incredible. I chose the Opera Cake and my mom the Faubourg. Yum. I'm sure we will be going back when she visits this summer, right mom?


  1. um. i want to come visit immediately. but seriously, can i come? and you can cook me all of the delicious things i've been seeing on here!

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Merci Beaucoup!