EuroPain 2012

EuroPain is a massive exposition for baking and pastry. It brings together professionals from all around the globe to share, promote and compete with each other. Our class went on the first day to see what it is all about. The expo took place at the convention center right outside of the city. They had everything from ice cream to bread, industrial machinery to live competitions. It is also the home of the Bakery World Cup.

While we were there we were able to watch some of the petit four competition between about 10 countries. It was so intriguing to sit and watch them create these beautiful little bites of food. After they presented them to the judges (also from around the world) and our art teacher was one of the judges. Note his collar.  The red, white and blue collar denotes that he is an Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF). 

Our favorite part of the whole thing was, you guessed it. Free samples! It was like a really awesome and gourmet version of Costco. They had everything! Bread, bread, and more bread. A ton of ice cream and gelato, pasta, pastries, even a bar serving drinks! I loved seeing all the wonderful pastries and all the crazy gelato flavors. It shocks me how perfect chef's can make their pastry look. Too perfect to eat....almost ;)

Foie gras, Beer or Salmon flavored gelato, anyone?


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Merci Beaucoup!