Trip around the world

One of the coolest things about my class is that everyone is from a different part of the world. We have 24 students and it is so interesting to learn about everyone's cultures. The different vocabulary, accents, lifestyles, perceptions, etc. Even though we are all from different parts of the world, we all have two things in common: our love for pastry and our love for this city. I am so lucky to have met such amazing people here and I have realized that although our world's may seem so far apart, we are all traveling the same journey and we really aren't as far apart as you may think.

Since we all love to eat so much, we started our version of "world traveling" by rotating dinner parties based on everyone's home country. It has been amazing so far and who knew all these potential pastry chefs could whip up such delicious savory plates? It is always such a fun time with these people, and it really is nice learning about their home cities. So far we have been to Brazil, Malaysia and Mexico. Guess who hosted Mexico? Yep, me. Nobody is from Mexico but I figured San Diego was close enough and I pretty much consider myself a native of Punta Mita anyway. Provecho!


  1. Next is Korean and Taiwanese!

  2. You make this Mexican proud!

  3. yeay! just now I saw this post!
    our nights are being awesome!
    can't wait for the next ones! :)


Merci Beaucoup!