You sound like you're from London!

One of the weekends when my mom was here with me we took the train over to London. It is an easy two hour train ride so why not?

London is completely different than Paris. It has a slightly less European feel, a little bit closer to home for me. It is also impeccably clean! No dog poops around these parts! I'm not going to lie and say that the break from having to slang my terrible French skills wasn't nice. It was a great little relief :)

We had less then 48 hours in the city and considering, we saw a ton of stuff! We started the morning bright and early on Saturday and boarded our 7 am train to London. We got in and found our hotel (thanks to Melissa!) and headed out to explore.

We went uber tourist on this one and did the "hop on hop off" bus tour. I'm not a fan of being a stand out tourist but it is the best way to see everything in such a short amount of time. We saw the Tower of London, London Eye, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, SoHo, Oxford St, and so much more! It was a really good time. My favorite thing was definitely the Westminster Abbey. Not only because I secretly (or maybe not so secretly) want to be a princess and it is where William and Kate tied the royal knot, but it is breathtaking. We wandered the halls and learned about all the famous and inspiring people who are buried and honored there. We also had the privilege of hearing the Abbey choir singing. Incredible.

The Tower of London was just as astonishing. First things first, the Crown Jewels...sparklyyyyy. Every girl's dream! The history of this place is unbelievable. If you ever make it to London make sure to but the Tower on your list of must-sees! Also, please don't forget to window shop (or if you are loaded, actually shop). The clothes are beautiful!!

We ended the trip with some traditional fish and chips and beer. Despite the fact that we got poured on (sans umbrella) and I may have gotten frost bite, it was a weekend to remember!


  1. Girl, what kind of camera are you using? Love the photos! Oh, how I miss this city...so happy you got to see everything!

  2. You and your mom are so pretty!! Love you both and glad you got to border-hop for the weekend :)


Merci Beaucoup!