Food for Thought

Call me in idealist but I think that life should be an adventure. An exciting story filled with things and people you love, experiences that change you, ideas that challenge you, and anything else that makes you happy. I'm not crazy, I swear. I just believe in the little things.

My friends Isabelle and I were talking about these types of things the other day in class. How people live their lives, the things people stress out about, the rat race, gossip, drama...all that fun stuff and it just seems so silly. I could continue to preach to you that life is short and you just jump into it feet first - have that cookie, go on that trip, call your long lost friend, start your business, run that marathon...but thanks for awesome Isabelle and her awesome Australian commercials...I will just let the "sunscreen song" explain this to you.

Don't judge it too soon. This guy really knows what he is talking about. Happy weekend!


  1. Haha Alexis gave this out to everyone at her senior wills. She said her dad used to play it all the time.

  2. I LOVE that one, haven't heard it in a long time! Thanks for sharing it.
    I love you, Mom


Merci Beaucoup!