Pastry School Homework 2

I am being such a good student. I do my homework every week. I'm so good at doing my homework I think about it constantly.

Probably not the best thing for my hips but according to my chef butter doesn't count as calories because it melts at body temperature; which means it just literally melts right off you. Yes, he is a little crazy but he is also very skinny...maybe he knows something we don't.

Here is the collection of my latest research for my internship. I can't believe I am half way through my schooling. My internship will begin in July! Which place looks the best to you??


  1. laduree always wins my heart but i would love to try those other places lol i'm actually going to laduree on saturday i can't wait

  2. Seeing as I've never been to any of these places and strictly from an aesthetically pleasing standpoint, I'd pick Sebastien. Looks FANCY!

  3. All of this is officially drool-worthy... so scrumptiously fancy! J'adore

  4. Just found your blog from Across the Pond!
    I love your posts, Im your newest follower!


  5. Just found you from Across the Pond. All of those options are amazing! I have to admit, in another life, I'd be a pastry chef. I'm totally jealous that you get to do it in this life :)

  6. Everything from Sebastien Gaudard looks scrumptous! Have you been able to narrow it down at all? Good luck with that, I don't know how successful I would be at trying to figure out which one I wanted to study with for an internship!


Merci Beaucoup!