Entremet: The rest of them

The Mogador got his own special post because it is such a delicious little creation but we also made a few other entremets that week. They were all really exciting and fun to create but not all of them were delicious.

The Black Forrest Cake was surprisingly enjoyable considering I had believed myself to hate cherries for the past 24 years of my life.

This other chocolate cake who's name I am going to admit I have completely forgotten was incredible. Good enough that I would pay for it again.

These layers of praline and chocolate mousse were so amazingly tastey that the class was practically fighting each other to get the next bite of it.  Put a really good cake in front of a bunch of hungry pastry students? Danger zone.

Then there was the Moka. Holy moly, the dreaded Moka. This is an old, old, old French "classic" and also the most disgusting flavor I have ever put in my mouth. I literally had to spit it out in the trash can like the classy lady that I am. barf. I will give it credit for being on the highly technical side. I learned a lot from this nasty thing. Mainly, not to combine rum, raisins, walnuts and coffee.

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  1. My mom made me eat a raspado with PRUNES in it. Please don't ever make anything with prunes as a main ingredient. Or either ingredient. That chocolate cake on the other hand looks mighty delicious...


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