Eat, Drink, Be a Tourist!

For the record, Paris is way more awesome with Mike here...which means its pretty mind blowingly cool. We are off to spend the day in Montmarte and enjoying as many pastries as we can hold. 

Today my old friend Kelsey is here to talk to you about her favorite things in life. She loves all the good stuff which is why she is so wonderful. I was lucky enough to get to know Kelsey in college, being in the same sorority...we had some good times :)

We are also both Orange County girls who fell in love with San Diego. Make sure to stop over at her blog and pick up some great tips on eating, drinking and traveling. All the world's greatest things.  Have a lovely weekend!

hi friends! kelsey here from eat drink be a tourist! i'm excited to be taking over brit's blog as she's exploring paris with her lover boy. boy am i jealous! i remember when i was lucky enough to travel to france - paris was definitely one of my favorite stops. such a beautiful city. i'm so happy for britt to be able to follow her passion of baking and pastry. so in honor of britt's inspiring passion, today i'm going to let you in on some of my passions. and who knows, maybe one day one of them will take me to paris!

i love to travel.  whether it be to a city an hour away, a different state, or a different country.  i love exploring new places and soaking up all that i can.  i love learning about new cultures and traditions, eating new food and seeing all the historic sights that i can.  i dream about where i want to travel to next and even find myself looking at plane tickets to exotic destinations when i'm bored.

i have played softball since i was about 5 years old and have always had a passion for it.  i have grown up a dodger fan (thanks dad!) and can honestly say one of my favorite places to be is at a baseball game.  i love the atmosphere - the fans, the noise, the excitement of the game.  to me, there's no better way to spend a summer night than watching a game with a cold beer in hand.  

if i were to put a theme song to my life, it would be a toss up between journey's "don't stop believing" and the beatles "obla di obla da".  i love all genres of music - from oldies but goodies & classic rock to country & dubstep.  i love driving with my windows down and music up.  there's always a song for any occasion.  my love for music stems from growing up listening to my parents music, back then music was something special.  mix that with the fact that i play the piano and you've got yourself a recipe for an extreme love of music. 

ok let's be real, food is my real passion.  but that might make me sound like a fatty if i made that the main focus, haha.  i love to cook.  i love trying new recipes and seeing the reactions of the people eating my food.  i also love to try new restaurants and new types of food.  i've learned that trying new food is one of the best way to broaden your horizons.  plus, food is yummy, and you really can't argue with that point.

so there you have it - four things i'm passionate about.  i can't wait to one day live out my dreams and hold a career in a field im absolutely passionate about, just like brit will soon be doing.  you go girl!

what are some things you are passionate about? come stop by my blog and let me know!  
you can also find me on twitter & pinterest!!

thanks for having me brit! xoxo


  1. Love everything about you, CACU!!

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