Paris: Coffee Shops

I am a coffee lover. I could have multiple cappuccinos and lattes everyday and that would make me one happy girl. Before moving to Paris I had heard and read horror stories about the lack of good coffee here. People made it sound like I would be doomed to a life of terrible, bitter coffee for the year with no escape.

Well, to their credit - they are somewhat correct. Your average cafe offers up Cafe Richard's coffee which is definitely not good or exciting but it isn't the worst thing ever if you are in need of some caffeine or just don't particularly care how your coffee tastes.

Needless to say I have gone out of my way to try and find a good cup of jo in this town. I have had a few good ones here and there but I have named my favorite. Luckily for me, this shop is on the same street that I work on so I get to enjoy it anytime I want!

The employees there probably think I'm mental because they see my English speaking face at least twice (and sometimes more) a week. They are such a nice and pleasant group of people. I love this Aussie founded coffee shop because their coffee is hands down the best I have had in Paris and their lunch options are just as delicious. 

Pick from sandwiches stuffed with quality ingredients like avocado, sun dried tomatoes and smoked salmon or pick up a piece of banana bread to go with your drink. They even offer fresh squeezed juices of all kinds! Hang out in the cafe and join the rest of the crowd working on their laptops and chatting with friends out on the street side. 

Rue des Martyrs is an amazing little market street with so many options for lunch but Kooka Boora is always by go to. I will miss this place when I have to leave. Stop in the next time you are in Paris!

Kooka Boora Cafe
53 ave Trudaine
75009 Paris


  1. looks delicious! glad you found the perfect cup of joe - that's just super important in life! haha

  2. coffee is an important part of my life too, haha.
    that look delicious

  3. I drank café au lait pretty much exclusively when I lived in France, you could even get it in those little coffee vending machines at my school and in my apartment building : )

  4. i have to say i was a little dissapointed by paris' coffee. i expected it to to be incredible like everything else there... but i have to say, spains ocffee is waaayyy better! but they make up for it with their absolutely the best in the world not even comparable corissants.

    1. Agreed! I can't wait to get down on some cafe con leches every five minutes in Madrid next month!

  5. I'm sorry about the rumors, Brittany. I had a taste of Cafe Richard's maple pancake once and I liked it. It's quite expensive, though. If I'm not mistaken, my aunt bought those pancakes for 7 dollars. I haven't been to this Aussie coffee shop you were talking about, but I might look for it this pre-Christmas week. My cousins and I plan to visit Paris again.

  6. You can't beat France for macarons, croissants, pain au chocolats, and baguettes though! I've also heard Coutume is good (47 Rue de Babylone 75007) as well as Telescope (5 rue Villedo 75001). Enjoy your last few weeks! It always ends far too fast.


Merci Beaucoup!