Runner's Block

I developed a love for running towards the end of college and have been thinking about running a half marathon ever since then. Now, I am 6 days away from finally checking that off my to do list and I feel like my body is trying everything it can to stop me!

I have been suffering from pretty bad shin splints for the past month and have only been able to run 6 miles once in two weeks and it was a painful experience. Shooting pains up my left leg with each step I took. On top of that, I have been sick all week and on antibiotics but still not feeling normal at all. UGH! I'm so frustrated that this is all happening NOW when I have been training for this for two months!

Do any of you runners have any advice for me? I have a compression sleeve to help with my shin splints but I know it is going to hurt either way. Definitely a mental game involved now. I hope I can finish it! Wish me luck :(


  1. You can do it!! When I run, I try to fixate my eyes on something in the distance- like I am running to it. You will do great! I did a half a few years ago and my knees have been bad since... make sure you stretch really good before and after! GOODLUCK!

  2. Alright, I am in the barefoot camp - or rather trying to move over there (I run on Nike Frees i.e.minimal support). The research seems to say that it helps correct the way people run with the belief that our feet are lazy because of so much support.
    It might be too short to help you with your upcoming race, but it will help you for the future if you keep running. (And of course there will always be other Halves!)

    About running Barefoot: Harvard research points to the difference being in landing (running with shoes - people impact on the heel; running without shoes - people impact mid-foot or ball of the foot)

    Also Runner's world had some things to say about it - specifically for shin splints.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for good weather! Good Luck!


Merci Beaucoup!