Dinner at Benoit

Who knew that Paris had restaurant week? "Tous au restaurant" is the French version and I am so happy that my friend told me about it in time to make a reservation at one of the city's oldest bistros. Benoit has been serving great French food since 1912 as a family restaurant until they passed it onto the world renowned chef Alain Ducasse in 2005 and he promised to stay true to their traditions while bringing Benoit into its future.

As you walk in you are taken back in time to an older Paris. It is beautiful, warm and cozy with the most amazing china I've ever seen. The service was lovely (rare in Paris!) and every single thing we ate was perfect. That includes the massive slab of butter that we devoured completely. We have no shame!

Thank goodness for the two for one prices during this special week because otherwise my poor little self would not have got to experience such a great and classically French meal in this city. Mmm, I love Paris!


  1. the food look delish!
    and you look cute too :)

  2. oh wow...looks fancy schmanci! The first picture of the awning reminds me of an italian place we have here in town called Napoli's - haha. it's not quite as fancy as this place though! looks like you had a good time and enjoyed some d-lish food! you two are so stinkin pretty!

  3. Oh wow, Benoit looks like mouth watering heaven!
    Isn't Tous au Restaurant brilliant?! I went to a restaurant in Saint-Remy during it and the buy one get one free was such a treat. I'm marking my calender for next year :)

  4. That china is beautiful! Added to the list of things that will make my life complete one day.


Merci Beaucoup!