La Pêche

This summer season I rediscovered my love for peaches. White peaches in particular. They are so much more sophisticated than those canned and cubed yellow peaches I used to eat as a kid in my lunch box. Not that I didn't love those too.

I wish I had started eating them earlier in the season so I could have enjoyed even more but of course my stubborn mind thought I didn't really like them and didn't want to give them another try. Stupid. I love them! They are so beautiful too so I just had to make something with them.

The fruit deserves to be the star of the show so I went with a simple baked peach tart and nestled the juicy slices of peach into hazelnut cream. Wow, was it good. I wish I had some whole roasted hazelnuts to scatter on top for some extra flavor and crunch but I guess I'll have to wait until next time.

What is your favorite summer fruit or dessert?? Now its the time for apples, pears and figs!


  1. Ummmm please make this for me when you are stateside!!! Looks delicious!

  2. This looks so delish! I'm going to have to find me some white peaches for sure :) Happy Weekend.

  3. Where's the recipe? That looks amazing!

  4. Wow this looks so amazing and delicious! :)

    xo Felicia


  5. wow that looks uhhhmazing! haha. peaches are definitely a fave of mine!

  6. aren't they amazing!?!?! and that pie looks sooooo good!
    we actually have a peach tree in my parent's backyard! mmmmmm!!!!
    have a great day Brittany!

  7. i dont even like peaches but i would totally eat this because it looks so pretty!


Merci Beaucoup!