Montmartre is a part of Paris that stands alone. It is its own quaint, sweet and delicate little town in a big city.

Charming doesn't do it justice because it is a village straight out of a movie. First, the Sacre Coeur basilica a sight to behold. Then you dabble off to the side of the of the basilica because it is a little bit crowded and you kind of want to escape it...only to discover the sweetest little town that has such history.

We actually used Rick Steve's book and followed his walking tour and spent half the day wondering the streets and discovering some amazing secrets of this town while freezing our booty's off.

Right off the side of Sacre Coeur there is a harpist who has been playing at this location for years and he plays so beautifully it is hard to believe. It was so calming and overwhelmingly beautiful to hear his music while being surrounded by a place like Montmartre and overlooking the rest of Paris. The trip up there was worth it just to hear him play.

The allies of the town are lively and full of good food, caricature artists, tourists and art. We discovered things like Picasso's studio, La Masion Rose and Au Lapin Agile (where Picasso and other famous writers and artists frequented), one of Van Gogh's apartments, the Moulin Rouge and so many little gems this place holds.

I adore this little town.


  1. i have seen that harpist before!!! love your pictures and hearing about your life in paris! <3 you!

  2. So pretty! Looks like your living in a fairytale!!

  3. that's where I live. you can come anytime you want!


Merci Beaucoup!