This is my new home. New reality. 

And I love it!

Today was the orientation for school. It was great and intimating at the same time. I am so excited to begin classes and labs but am slightly terrified about my lacking language skills. They may have put the fear of God into me to be fluent in French before my internship begins in 5 months. Eek! Anyone have suggestions on how to tackle that one?

I am feeling more at home each day. Paris is the most beautiful city. The people are so incredible and interesting here.

{for the record, they are sweet people, not rude!}

And most importantly, the food is UNreal! Everything I have had has been mind blowingly good. The chocolate chaud is so thick it looks like the fudge topping that you put on your ice cream sundae. The baguettes have crunchy outside but are fluffy as a cloud on the inside. The wine is cheaper than water. It is heaven.

my apartment :)

I have walked most of the city by now {my new form of exercise} and nothing is any less striking. The streets, the street signs, the old french couple walking with baguettes under their arms, the angry looking man smoking a cigarette out front of a cafe..it is all so charming. Plus the fact that I live a 2 minute walk from the Norte Dame, that isn't too shabby either.

It has been unusually cold in Paris since I arrived. It is probably 15 degrees with a breeze. Considering I have been born and raised in Southern California, lets just say its an adjustment. I am taking it well, I would have to say. My mother had to go out and buy another space heater for the apartment and I drink a bottle of wine at night to warm me up, but other than those quirks we are handling it great!

Tomorrow is day two of school and first thing is my French test. They want to test my skills...or lack there of. Wish me luck! By Thursday we will be in lab actually creating things. Check back for my first baked goodness!


  1. wow thats so amazing! its my dream to be able to study pastry in france i'm so jealous, i hope you have an amazing time

  2. So adorable! I'm glad Paris is starting off well the second time around :)

  3. omg, G! I am so excited for you! And I cannot wait to watch your life in Paris unfold!!! Let me know when you have a free weekend for me to come visit!!! <3 you!!!

  4. Hi Brittany,
    I am looking to join a pastry course in Paris and Ferrandi is one of my options. If it's not too much trouble, can I email you with a few questions with regards to this decision? Your response is highly appreciated. My email address is arshiya_farheen22@yahoo.com. Thanks

  5. Hi Brittany! I also planning to do the Ferrandi course next year and looking for an apartment to stay at. Could I email you to ask for some questions if you dont mind? Thanks


Merci Beaucoup!