Food. Glorious food!

If you like to feast, come to France (or Italy) and apologize to your stomach in advance. 

People ask me "what are you up to?" and it seems like I am always answering "eating".

Baguettes, croissants, pan au chocolat, pastries, tarts, cheese... the list is endless but most likely it is a baguette and cheese. On top of that, I am bringing home tarts from school almost every day. 

I am not complaining about this at all. I love that this country is built around food. Sharing meals, enjoying a sweet pastry each day, savoring a fresh baguette and scouring the fromager for their best cheeses. I think it is great because food brings people such pleasure. It is satisfying and most importantly, it brings people together. The average French family has a full 3 or 4 course dinner each night with their family and they all stop whatever else it is that they are doing and all come together around the dinner table. I think that is very admirable. 

So, in French tradition my mom and I have been taking on French cuisine. We usually pick the restaurant by walking by the windows and deciding that one is cuter than the other and then we have our winner. We have had some good and some not so good. Unfortunately, the famous Cafe de Flore was extremely disappointing but we have found some gems too.

One of the cutest restaurants I have ever seen is right around the corner from my apartment. The Petit Chalet is quaint, charming, welcoming and delicious. The waitress was so gracious helping me with my lack of French and was kind enough to help me sort through the word vomit that was pouring from my mouth while trying to order.

Oh, and I discovered that Fromage Blanc is amazing.

Bon Appetit!


  1. Dont forget about some sliced tomatoes with that baguette:)

  2. Livin' the life! Sounds delicious!!

  3. YUM!!! its probably good that i dont live in france haha


Merci Beaucoup!