Je t'aime

9 years ago Mike and I began the love affair of a lifetime. I was 14 and he was 15 and we were awkward. We had science class and english class together with some super strange teachers but they were a good source of entertainment for us. 

It was one of those typical high school romances where your heart races and you just can't keep the butterflies under control when he looked at you. Winter formal came around and my build-a-bear won him over :)

This year is a challenge, as you can imagine. I already miss him and little muffin Tay so much but this year is also going to be an amazing one. I am accomplishing a dream in Paris and he is living it up with his friends in Colorado. All good things. 

I love you babe.
and I love us :) and Tay, obvi.

I love you and miss you SO much and can't wait until April 18th when we take Europe by storm. Thank you for everything :)


  1. wow that's erious long distance. but good for you guys still doing thing syou want to do in life even if its hard


Merci Beaucoup!