A Weekend Captured

I was so happy to have 75% of my weekend free from work. I tried my best to document the weekend in photos. I'll admit I forgot to take pictures of a lot of things but here is what I got over the past two days. How was your weekend? Lovely, I hope.


1.  Peonies. Trader Joe's floral section gets me everytime!
2.  Brownies anyone? (They were an experiment and lets just say it was an epic fail. So no, you do not want these brownies but the picture was cute!)
3. Taking a drive along the bay. Taylor loves the wind in her face! The view ain't to bad either.
4.  Sparkly pink nails. My favorite.
5. X-men movie date. Mike's choice obvi, but it was good.
6. Trying to get back in shape...trying...
7. Beach side breakfast with my loves. Chocolate chip pancakes...I have no shame. (This really contradicts picture #7...wow. go me! haha)
8.  Winding down the weekend with a glass of vino and Tay is already down for the count.

It was a wonderful weekend! Now for another week of work then I have a girl's weekend in LA with some college friends. Can't wait.


  1. Peonies are my fave flower!!! Love it! And I have a feeling Tay is going to be a big girl...she reminds me of Hudson when he was that age, and he is like 40 something pounds now!

  2. ugggggggggggh those peonies are So pretty.

  3. awesome pics! your dog is cute and those flowers are gorgeous!

  4. If the only thing that was good about the brownies is that picture, I think that's enough! Its so cute!

  5. what an amazing weekend!! love all the cute photos!! trader joes got me too this week -- i got sunflowers this time -- so cheerful!! :)


Merci Beaucoup!