Day Trip: Hollywood & Beverly Hills

Last weekend I some girlfriends and I went for a day trip to LA.  It was so great to see these girls. They all have so much going on in their lives (furture actress moving to the UK, love bird moving to Canada and future producer taking no prisoners in LA) and I am so excited for them!


We went out had some dinner, did some shopping, did some drinking and dancing. The next morning we went on a search for breakfast. We ended up at Urth Cafe (no, we didn't see anyone famous...so disappointing). 

They had some great looking treats and their lattes were my favorite thing. Someday I will learn how to make these designs!

The food was good but the baguette that came on the side was TO DIE FOR. Also, they serve you a salad with breakfast...? Is that normal in LA? I definitely don't think of a mixed green and balsamic salad at 8 am in the morning.

Happy Monday! :)

PS- Stay tuned for something exciting.. :)


  1. I love adventure days in LA. So many great little places to find and explore.

  2. such an amazing weekend! Miss you girls! Lattes - amazing! Omlette & gluten free vegan baked cookie - amazing :p salad for breakfast - interesting (& Im a LA cafe regular living here & all) Made with Butter & Love - fabulous blog I love to follow! memorable weekend with my fave sisters - PRICELESS. :)


Merci Beaucoup!