I drive by Specialty's Bakery every day on my way to work and think "hmm, I should really try that place".  It took me three months to finally make my way over there to enjoy their tasty little shop. 
It was also joined with a Peet's Coffee. Heaven sent, I know.

Not only was it nice, clean and organized - the food was great and the service was very good. I swear, customer service makes all the difference! One interesting thing was that they had "self-serve" type computers where you could place your order if the line was really long. I passed on that to actually go to the counter but it sounds like a pretty efficient idea.

I went for the goat cheese, berry and spinach salad which came with its delightful little friend also known as rosemary focaccia bread. It was really satisfying!

This story sounds incomplete doesn't it? What comes after lunch? 


I remember my dad raving about this joint's cookies. He served them at a company event once and said they were the best he's had. That is saying a lot because we get to enjoy Paradise Bakery cookies on a pretty regular basis. His bold statement popped into my mind while ordering so I just haddd to order a semi-sweet chocolate chip cookie. Pull my arm.

The girl at the counter seemed very relieved by my order saying "oh good, I don't have to convince you to get a cookie". Tough day at work, sounds like.

So, back to work I went with my delicious lunch in toe. Specialty's is a chain so if you happen to have one near you I highly recommend it for a cozy little lunch.  

Don't forget the cookie!!!


  1. that place looks great and that cookie... YUM. thanks for visiting and my blog and following! you're my 100th follower! I wish that meant i could give you $1,000 or something... but i can't. maybe when i've been around a little longer ; )

  2. Yummy!!! I am now craving a cookie. :)


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