PrepKitchen Del Mar

As you all know, my younger brother has been studying abroad in Australia for the past sememster and he is in his final month.  He is really bummed to be coming home soon because he has really come to love Australia - kangaroos and all.  For the next two weeks he will be living the high life because my parents just landed in Brisbane and the three of them are going to travel for two weeks together! First stop = great barrier reef. Tough. Life. 

So before my parents left on another trip of a lifetime (they travel like it's their job - needless to say I am jealous).  They drove down to North County San Diego to have dinner with me, Mike and a relative who was in town from Maryland. We went to PrepKitchen and it is officially one of my favorite restaurants. It has an amazing atmosphere and the food was d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s.  
mom & rick
dad & me & mike

We started with a "cutting board" of different meats, cheeses, crackers and veg. I had an amazing trout dish and the boys had their pork chop special. Let's just say our plates were cleared. Everything was outstanding. Then we moved onto dessert, of course.

We had the best bread pudding I have ever had in my existence, some double chocolate cookies and a salted, caramel, fudge brownie. Don't act like your mouth isn't watering.






Good meals with the people you love are some of the best times and best memories. I love that we found a great new place that we will probably be coming back to.

Have you guys found any great restaurants lately??


  1. Wow that looks delicious! I hope you're enjoying your Tuesday doll. I have some great news over at my blog about my writing. I hope you can check it out! Kori xoxo


  2. Your desserts are killing me! I haven't visited any new favorites lately, but revisited an OLD favorite pizzeria! Woodfired pizza, deLISHous

  3. hahaha I love your caption....so sorry you had to choke it down ;)


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