Mission Pedicure: FAILED

In case you were wondering, it is impossible to get a pedicure before the lunch hour in Pacific Beach. Ugh, what a waste of a morning I have had!  My girlfriend and I woke up early to go to a 6 am boot camp only to find out that they signed up too many people and were full [fail], then I schedule a massage (yay!) to find out that the therapist did not show up for work today [fail x 2], then drove around for an hour to find somewhere to get a pedicure and found nothing [fail x 3].

What a morning right?!

So, instead I am going to lay on the couch with Tay and watch a movie. I don't think it is possible to fail at that!

Happy Friday! Here are my fill in's.... :)

1.   This weekend I'm       going to lay at the beach with Mike and Tay (as long as this weather gets better - its gray and wet!)   and      try to sleep in :) my favorite thing   .

2.  My last vacation was    New Years in Mexico...wow has it been that long???  .

3.  My next vacation will be     not on the books, sadly! I want to go to Chicago next month but we shall seeeee  .

4.  My favorite way to relax is   cuddle up in bed with a movie or good book and have a good candle burning .

5.  When vacationing one should always     do as much as possible! take advantage of those random opportunities .

6.  When vacationing one should never       skip out on french fries, drinks, ice cream or whatever it might be. life is too short to worry about that on vaca!   .

7.  The best part about a vacation is       everything...there is nothing bad about it  .


  1. oh man, now I need a vacation!

  2. I LOVE to eat treats on vacation! The hubby and I try to live such a healthy diet when we're at home that eating junk on vacation always seems EXTRA special and awesome! =)

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  3. chicago is an awesome place, i think you'll love it if you haven't been! vacation is all about food. forget about diets. what diets? LOL


Merci Beaucoup!