Cake Class Week #4

Practice makes perfect...


I lived these sayings at this class.  We learned and conquered the beautiful and some-what pain-staking art of making buttercream roses.

I have tried to teach myself how to make these via youtube and instructions on websites and they both failed me. Actually, roses was the main reason for me wanting to take this class.

So I was determined to make a good one by the end of class.

So, pastry bag in my exhausted and sore hand and feeling a good amount of frustration from the amount of "roses" I had thrown right back into the frosting bowl...SUCCESS :)

I am SO excited to finally know how to make pretty roses! I can't wait to have an occasion to use them. This was also the last class but don't you worry I am already enrolled in "intermediate" decorating. I start again in one week! Just can't get enough!


  1. Oh my gosh, girl! Those are beautiful! I want to eat them until I am sick though...I love buttercream frosting. Your hard work has surely paid off.

  2. these look amazing! I would be popping them on everything...no joke.


Merci Beaucoup!