Broken USB Cord

What can chew up everything in sight and still be precious? 

Puppies. That's what.

I am sitting here trying to figure out why my Mac is telling me that my USB is using up too much power and is being deactivated. What in the world?!

Looking down I realize that Taylor chewed up my USB camera cord sometime in the last few days and it no longer works. It is a goner.  I hope she enjoyed chewing on wire and plastic (soo not good for her!).

Anyway, I have a bunch of new pictures I wanted to show you but now I can't. They are prisoners in my camera and until I go buy a new USB hook up.  *tear*

In honor of the little monster destroying my wonderful blog post that was supposed to be about banana oatmeal muffins (check back for that later this week..) here are some of her latest photo opts and adventures.

Until I get a UBS cord...


  1. Oh my lanta. I bet you can't even stay mad at the puppy. SOOOOO so so SOOO cute! Ah!

  2. HAHA. I have totally been there...except watching tv and wondering why it was flickering...puppy. Outside. Cable cords.
    It's true, they can do no wrong when they're so cute!!

  3. OH MY! What a cutie - looks totally harmless ;) haha. can't believe he chewed it up - still so worth it though right :)

  4. You’re right, Ashley. This pup looks soo innocent! It makes it hard for me to believe she can chew the cable up!

    @Brittany: I wish you didn’t have a hard time retrieving your image files. Usually, some might be missed when interrupted by broken wiring. At least she's super cute.

    Nannie Salyard


Merci Beaucoup!