Mocha Cookies

My brother Ryan is a one of a kind, huge-hearted, spastic and fun boy. Sometimes I want to smack him around because he is a crazy person but when it comes down to it he is my brother and I would do anything for the kid. I think he would say the same things about me :) I also employ him part-time as my flour sifter.

For Christmas he got me a perfect gift - a cookie cookbook! A book dedicated to just cookies...endless fun! Flipping through it I decided on these Chocolate Cappuccino cookies. Remember that Mocha Cake from a while back? I took that same secret ingredient and added it to these cookies to make them nice and chocolately. 

As if that is not enough chocolate I just hadddd to dip them in melted chocolate and powdered sugar too. Chocolate on chocolate is the world's best combination - hands down.

They are nice a soft and rich. Definitely require a glass of ice cold milk, or in my case and iced latte. MMMM

Happy Wednesday! Halfway through the week!!
What is your favorite coffee drink?? I am pretty sure I have an addiction to lattes.



  1. Pretty! I like your description of chocolate on chocolate- reminds me of a chocolate cookie dressed in a chocolate dress :)
    These look yummy. I have a cookie cookbook too- I think it's a PIllsbury one, I love it!

  2. yum! those look awesome.....i LOVE starbucks peppermint mocha latte...you know the one that's equivalent to eating 98 krispy kreme dougnuts and 70 cheesburgers. yeah, that one!

  3. Looks delish Britt!!!!! Can you come bake for me???

  4. oh good heavens, those look incredible!

  5. I must say.. I do love cafe con leche but only the kind in Cuban restaurants. I've been addicted since Miami and haven't found a suitable substitute here


Merci Beaucoup!