Cake Class Week #1

I conquered my first week of cake decorating! It was awesome but to be honest it was one of the longest days EVER. Remember what its like to start a new job? It is like cramming for finals in college. You try SO hard to stay focused and concentrate on all the names, information and other crap that is getting through around your head that you feel like you brain is going to explode out of your ears. 

That's how I felt all week. Phew it's over.

So for class, this was the homework:

1. Bake a cake on Friday or Saturday
2. Let it set for 24 hours
3. Split, fill and dirty ice the cake on Saturday or Sunday
4. Let dirty icing set for at least one hour
5. Frost cake and bring to class

This is how it really happened:

1. Forget to bake cake until Sunday night
2. Let sit while at work on Monday
3. Race home after work to split, fill and dirty ice cake
4. Put cake in freezer for 7 minutes to set
5. Frost cake and show up to class 30 minutes late

That's my style...procrastinate as late as possible and whip it out like a hurricane.

I was also that girl in class who did not have any of the items they told us to bring. I was the girl who asked "can I borrow your scissors?" every 20 minutes. Sorry guys, I promise to come prepared this week. 

This is what I walked out of class with...

Not too shabby for a first timer eh?? :) 

Up next Monday...Cookie Monster Cake! STOKED :)


  1. This is so much fun! I have this on my list of things to do!! I have been wanting to take a cake decorating class FOREVER! I am so jealous...

    and your cake looks amazing!

  2. I also added your button to my new reads section! :)

  3. Haha- sometimes things don't go "quite" as planned, but how much can really go wrong when it's cake? It's still cake!
    I love your decorations, this looks so fun!

  4. wow nice job!! I've always wanted to try a cake decorating class!

  5. HAHA story of my life.. minus all the frosting.


Merci Beaucoup!