Pictures as of Late

Today I am tired. Maybe the time change? Maybe the fact that I now have to slip into my fat kid jeans because I have been sucking at my relationship with the gym and smothering my relationship with sugar? I don't know. Either way...I feel like nap time is in order.

So since I don't have enough energy to be all that entertaining - here are some pictures from the last few weeks. Life has been good and I am excited (underneath my blank, pale and chubby bunny face) because I get to have lunch today with one of my oldest friends Michelle (this woman basically raised me!) and remember that new job I told you about? Tomorrow is my first day! 

~wine tasting in Temecula for Brittany O's birthday~

~breakfast of champions~

~hot cocoa with my momma~

~movie date~

~hiking at Torrey Pines~

Have a great week friends!! It's nap time...ZZzzzzZZzz 

And please remember to keep the people of Japan in your thoughts and prayers. They need our love and support. Also, you can donate to help relief efforts HERE.


  1. Looks like a beautiful hike! Sounds like maybe you are feeling a bit anxious about the new job. I bet in a few weeks things will be looking up :)

  2. What a fun way to celebrate a birthday!


Merci Beaucoup!