[3L's] What a Week!

There are SO many things that I am loving this week. Where do I begin??

The biggest and most exciting thing that has happened is that I got an amazing new job! I will finally be doing what I went to school for and what I actually want to do with my life - event planing!  I am nervous (I think it is only natural) but I am also stoked like a kid in a candy store.

Speaking of that, I also love that I am watching "Kid in a Candy Store" on Food Network right now. Watching how they make Ben and Jerry's heaven sent ice cream? Incredible! I would do a lot of things for  a pint of that half baked goodness.

Other things that made this week a great one:

- Celebrating my friend Ashley's birthday by watching her serenade a bar with her interoperation of "Slim Shady" and our friend Erin's song choice of "the Thong Song".

- Mike making me an impressive and delicious breakfast Sunday morning before I had to go to work.

- ichatting with my brother in Australia.

- Watching my little sister go to her high school Winter Formal.

- Going home to OC tomorrow to spend some fam time, Boomer time and shop for all the new clothes I will get to wear at my new job!

How goes it in the land of YOU? Outstandingly fabulous and beautiful I hope!


  1. Congrats on the new job! I am so excited for you!!!

  2. Congrats on the new job, and I'm jealous you get to go home to the OC. I'm sure the weather is so lovely there right now.

  3. Awww congrats on that new job! How exciting! Events planning is a lot of fun. I've done a bit of that too, I especially love themed weddings. Have a great week sweetie!

  4. Congratulations! Event planning sounds amazing! Jealous! You'll be wonderful :)

  5. yayay!! congrats on the new job lovely!

  6. YAY for being a business profesh! :)

  7. this was so beautiful and peaceful and made me happy for you.
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    Welcome back. Wonderful photos, wonderful story. So glad you could be there.


Merci Beaucoup!