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I wish so badly that Starbuck's had a frequent buyer/caffeine addict card - that would make me feel much better about the amount of money I donate to them each month. However, during the holiday's I feel justified going there on an almost daily basis because of the red cups! I adore the Christmas red cups..like a lot. I even have the red cup Christmas ornament :)

My favorites: Cafe Latte, Caramel Macchiato - iced, Peppermint Mocha.

Let me introduce you to someone who loves espresso more than pretty much anyone I know.. Mike's Dad.
Meet Mike's parents:
He is also my future barista trainer and his birthday just passed and I promised him some form of a chocolate mocha cake. Although it was a belated birthday gift by a week or two I created a cake and an even better frosting that I think he was happy with. 

I'm not gonna lie. I have been nervous about attempting an espresso flavored cake because it seemed like a daunting task but I am more than excited about how it turned out. MM MMM good!

The secret ingredients??

So we can check "espresso cake" off my checklist! Happy Birthday to you Mike and I hope you enjoyed your cake!  

I will get you guys the recipe and soon as I remember what I put into the cake. I was too busy dancing around to "Baby, it's cold outside" to write down what I was doing.

Happy December!
where did the year go??

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  1. this looks amazing! I am so happy I found your blog :) It is adorable!


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