You Scream I Scream

We ALL scream for ice cream!!

Don't lie, you totally sang this song too. Remember that feeling when you heard the infamous "ice cream man song" and frantically yelled at your mom that you needed money as you were already running down the street? Yeah, those were the days.

I loved the Tweety Bird Popsicle with the gum ball eyes.

Anyway, the point of this trip down memory lane is to tell you about my super fun Christmas gift from my momma and pops. You guessed it - I got an ice cream maker!! I know, don't pass out but it is amazing.

So, seizing that 5 year old child that I am I immediately started getting the machine ready to turn out some creamy deliciousness. Then my excitement had to be put on a 15 hour hold because the bowl has to freeze up. Who would have thought?

After exercising my patience abilities, I got to make some yumminess. I had never made ice cream before so I thought I would start with the basics: vanilla.

At first it was pretty soft but after letting it firm up in the freezer for a while it was just like real ice cream. It was bomb diggity especially with all the chocolate toppings that somehow appeared on top of it. :) Nooo idea where they came from. And yes I eat ice cream with a fork sometimes.

I tried to tell Mike that we wouldn't have to make our trips to Yogurtland anymore now that I have this amazing contraption. He just looked at me like.."why are you lying right now?". He knows me allll too well.


  1. mmmmm Britt when can I come over for some ice cream? How fun!! BTW, I mentioned you on my newest post!! Have a great weekend! xo, Kels

  2. That is oh so cooL! Is ice cream hard to make?

  3. Its easy as can be! Come over for some treats sometime soon girls! Reunion? :)

  4. Deliciousness! I can't believe you never informed me of this MAGNIFICENT contraption you received for Christmas... yummmmm. Sample please!


Merci Beaucoup!