Costa Brava

Can you pin point the greatest experience of your life thus far? I can. 

My summer abroad in Spain was not only the most amazing, fun, exciting, unbelievable experience, it also really changed my perspective on life. I had been going through the hardest year of my life, some really heartbreaking stuff during my junior year in college and I can't tell you how grateful I am for that incredible combination of Me, Katie, Tera, Estrella, cafe con leche, Bea, chocolate croissants, Dow Jones, new friends and the streets of Barcelona that brought me back to life. I really couldn't tell you who I would be today without this experience.

Instead of going into my rant about how much I want to move there forever and live that lifestyle, travel the world and never look back. I think I will just show you some pictures from that amazing summer abroad through Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France. AKA: the best days of my life.

Ever since I got back (almost three years ago!) I have been dying to go to this Spanish restaurant in Pacific Beach called Costa Brava

Finally, this week Mike and I made our way over there. I adore this place. Not only is the food unbelievable and very authentic, the atmosphere is wonderful and really takes me back.

 Mike studied abroad in Spain as well and it really hit home for both of us. We have found "our spot". I highly, highly recommend it. Here is what we ordered the last time we were there:

This is as close to Espana as we can get for now. I miss Europe dearly. I miss my KP and Tdawg even more. Until we can get back across the world, I am thinking we will be regulars here.

What trips have changed your life? What has been your favorite place you have seen so far??

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