Back to the Future

Honey! I'm hoooome!!

I am officially back in California and go back to real life and work tomorrow morning. After two weeks off of work I feel refreshed but I definitely don't feel ready to going back to dealing with hundreds of other people's problems everyday. We will pretend work does not exist today okay? Good, I like that plan.

I have so much to update you guys on. Keep checking in because I think I might rapid fire these at you.

Lets start with Christmas gifts I made for friends. My gifts usually come in the home-made-high-in-sugar-and-chocolate style but isn't something edible and enjoyable better than some random trinket you probably would store away and forget about after a week? My point exactly.

So, there it is. If you haven't received your gift yet - I just gave away the secret. Cookie Jars filled with homemade peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, snicker-doodles, and other yumminess.

What was your favorite Christmas gift this season?? I got a really exciting gift from my parentals that I will share with you tomorrow.

Hasta Manana Amigos!

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