Bienvenidos a BocaDeli!

Bocadeli (noun): a place of deliciousness serving handcrafted sandwiches, salads, specials, coffee and other scrumptiousness to visitors and residents of Punta Mita with nothing less then style and awesomeness.

My padre and his BFF4L, Marcelo and another friend all started this fab-tabulous deli down in Punta Mita. It is super good and like I described before about the chocolate pound cake, everything just tastes so much better down there than in America. No idea why! 

Anyway, Marcelo has been a fan of my blueberry oat bars since the last time he visited us in OC and decided that the deli was in need of a few sweet treat recipes. So one morning while I was there I spent a few hours at the deli passing on some recipes and poorly pretending to practicar me espanol. (Obviously, it needs work).

We made some cupcakes, blueberry bars, oatmeal cookies and red velvet cake minus the red.

*Marcelo y Chef*
* Postres!*
 *Marcelo, Yo y Chef*

They sold them at the deli the next day! I had a great time baking at the deli and next time I am thinking of bringing my own brown sugar and and some other ingredients because lets just say, things bake different on the other side of the border.

Here are some other photos of our latest trip to Mexico for your entertainment:

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  1. I wanna head to mexico after seeing these shots! what a fun trip!!


Merci Beaucoup!