A Disney Christmas

I adore Disneyland and so wish I had been able to see it all dressed up fancy for Christmas. If you got to go experience the magic at the Happiest Place on Earth, consider me jealous. 

It is a few days before Christmas which is truly the best day of the year so here is a little Disney Christmas song to help get you in the spirit today!

I'm on my way home from Utah, sad to leave the snow and hoping that our house is not flooded or on the fritz because Orange County is in a "state of emergency". So, wish us luck! 


Two days left for Christmas shopping and trust me I am fully exercising my outstanding procrastination skills. 
What about you? Expecting something good on Saturday??


  1. totally know about the rain!! i'm from the inland empire. it was pretty awesome how much rain we got. we definitely needed it!
    disneyland is the most beautiful thing ever at christmas time :)

  2. Anything with disney is awesome. Anything with Christmas is awesome. So, basically, this is really awesome. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth


Merci Beaucoup!