A Day in OC

I experienced a slight miracle this week: I had two days off work in a row! For most of you, that is the norm but for me that is a rare occassion. So on my grand 42 hour sabatical from the hotel I drove up to Orange County to take advantage of my mom's large kitchen, my own big bed, Boomer Loomer and other lovely wonderfulness.

I spent most of my time baking and experimenting with new flavors. I'll explain these experiements to you all in due time (get excited!!). On top of that I made some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for Mike's secret santa

and an incredible and easy to make recipe for candy bars that I got from my Godmother Mary. It is a mix of flavors that is to die for! Chocolate, butterscotch, peanut butter, mallows...is just heavenly and impossible to stop eating. It is one of those things you find yourself cutting another peice from the fridge before you actually realize that you are doing it....dangerous stuff.

After surrendering from the kitchen I turn around to see my dog being a rebel and laying on the couch. He must have known that mom and dad were gone because he was reallyy livin' on the edge pulling that off. But really, who could be mad at this face??

It was also time to decorate for Christmas and I started going through our box of ornaments and found some of my most beloved belongs including some fabulous artwork by 5 year old Brittany.

What are you doing to celebrate the holiday season? I hope you are feeling the holiday spirit!

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