Meet My Apprentice

This is Jenna.
15 years old.
Horseback rider.
Asian eyes.
Smartie pants.
My sister.

Jen likes to bake and make creative little dittys too. Must run in the family. Yesterday at Thanksgiving she took the reins on dessert since I was working during the prime cooking time. Her creation was a homemade style reese's peanut butter cup. Ohh yaaa.

Now, did I mention that peanut butter cups are my absolute favorite candy ever made?? Well it is. Second place goes to York Peppermint Patties - I love the sound they make when you break them :)

Jen's peanut butter cups are just scrumptious! Thanks for sharing!

What does your family do for Thanksgiving? What are your traditions??
Oh, and what is your favorite dish on our oh so American holiday?
Mine? 1. Stuffing 2. Sweet Potato Casserole 3. Turkey

We had a great holiday with loads of yummy food, dessert and my favorite bottle of wine. Finishing it off with a competitive game of Taboo - my brother and I won of course. Would you expect anything less?

I hope your Thanksgiving was warm and fuzzy! 
Now get excited for Christmas music all the time!! YES!


  1. so cute! and they look so tasty. i'm glad the code for your button has been revealed! i am adding it to my bloggity.

  2. OMG those look delicious! and ditto on the button code - i put it on my blog!!


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