That's how I feel.. Blahhy.
It's been a whirlwind three days between work and the rediculous amount of time spent in the kitchen - update coming later - but I am leaving on a jet plane. Utah tomorrow for a few days of shredding powder (that's a lie I can't actually shred and I'm not really sure what the exactly entails but it makes me sounds cooler I think)..

Anyway, in the mean time I am working in a hotel that is closed...ya not one guest here so you can imagine how glacially slow it is. Hence me posting a blog right now while I sit listening to Pandora with my Starbucks red cup (thanks Talia!) and trying to stay awake on my 2 hours of sleep I've got - reason #1 why I am blahhy

What are you up to today!? I hope it's more exciting and smoother than my day considering I spilled my latte all over myself at 5:30 am this morning, on my brand new white shirt of course! Reason #2 why I am blahhy.

Happy Friday! Back to listening to pandora over the sound of jack hammers!

Good times.

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  1. Hi Brittany,
    Your cookies are a hit! They were the first to go at the cookie exchange and my friends and accounts love them! Hope you are having fun in Utah!

    Aunt Theresa


Merci Beaucoup!