When I think about home...

I think of San Diego. Even though I grew up and spent 17 years of my life in Orange County, California I really identify more with that beautiful city down south. I moved there to go to college (aka: best four years of your life) in 2005 and fell in love.

It is big, beautiful, casual, sunny, happy, free, new, old, exciting, relaxing..everything you could ever want. I have not found a city that I feel such a strong connection with as I do with Sdeezey. I have found myself really reminiscing about life in SD lately. I can actually feel my body longing for it. I think I'm just looking for some comfort and familiarity, maybe? I hope that one day I will be able to build my life there, we will see! Until then, I will be visiting it as much as possible when I am back in the US.

A friend of mine posted this on facebook this morning and I thought it was a great video and it made me miss this city even more! It really captures the energy and beauty of San Diego and shows you some hidden gems like one of my favorite parks - Kate Sessions. Click here to check out the world's finest city in hyper-speed! It's a beautiful video, worth the click, promise!

A quick little skip down memory lane? Okay, if you insist! ;)


  1. My best friend lives in San Diego! I love that city :)

  2. it always slightly amazes me how pretty san diego can be, and i live here.


Merci Beaucoup!