Italia: Milan & Bellagio

In May, my friend Isabelle and I went to Milan. Wow, has it really been so long since then? I never got to share this trip with you guys so here it is. We picked Milan because (and this is no lie) it was the cheapest flight from Paris. We are on a budget, what can we say?

I've been lucky enough to see a little bit of Italy (Florence, Rome, Cinque Terre) and so Milan had a lot to live up to. I wouldn't put Milan on my "must see" travel spots but no matter what city you find yourself in, Italy is always a treat. We drank more coffee and ate more ice cream than is probably healthy. We found some fun little spots like a Martini bar in the middle of a huge D&G and the best part of it all was our day trip to Lake Como. I could have spent days in Bellagio and been a very happy girl.

Bellagio is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The lake is perfect. I was on the look out for Mr. George Clooney but we didn't get that lucky. We did find a fun little bar that had sand and lounge chairs on the edge of the water so we posted up there for a while. It is probably the most relaxed I have felt since I've moved to Europe. I wish we had more time there and I would definitely go back again. So although Milan isn't the best spot I've been to, it was worth it to go to Bellagio. Definitely.

Have you been to Milan or Lake Como? What did you think about it?


  1. Ah, Lake Como! I don't think I've ever found a more relaxing place. My family went there after a long, busy trip to Rome, Florence, and Venice, and it was the perfect way to end a vacation!

  2. I need to travel to Italy more. I have only ever been to Rome and now seeing your photos, I know that I have to go back and explore more! :)

  3. All these pictures look great! I love the before and after spaghetti shot haha.

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